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In this message from Daniel chapter 10 Pastor Mark shares a message that encourages us to not fear but remember that God is for us.

Daniel went through many trials before he was able to hear the voice of God later in his life. Pastor Mark teaches us three things we need to remember when standing in faith.

1. God cares about you more than you do. No matter how you feel about yourself sometimes, it is important to remember that you are precious to God. God will be with you no matter what you are going through because you are precious to Him.

2. God is doing more than you understand. If you have been praying for something specific for a long time and haven’t seen any results, it is easy to give up. But when you’re losing faith, you need to seek God harder. Even when you don’t see the results, God is working.

3. God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness. It’s so easy for us to hide our weaknesses to maintain a certain image of ourselves. But until you fully embrace your weakness, you’ll never embrace God’s strength. Daniel was touched by God after praying for years. We want to encourage you to make the decision today to keep standing in faith because the first time you prayed, God heard you.

LOVE+UNLTD is a Christian Church in Miami, pastored by Mark Rodriguez. LOVE+UNLTD is conveniently 10 minutes from Brickell, Wynwood, and Coral Gables. You’re invited to be our guest on Sundays at 11:00 AM at 604 NW 12 Avenue, Miami, FL 33136. You’ll enjoy an engaging Church Service that will draw you closer to God and give you practical tools that will help you succeed in life. LOVE+UNLTD also has fun programs for children that will teach them about God at their level.

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