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Day 11: Outreach Opportunities

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God has called LOVE+UNLTD to love and serve the city of Miami. Our mission as a church is to show the forgotten the love of Jesus. We have been called to be a church that is active in the community, before we even launched.

Let’s pray that in this new year God will expand our outreach opportunities. Pray that we are able to love and serve more people this year.

Also pray that God uses our church to inspire other churches in Miami to be active in the community. Pray that more churches can come under the banner of God Loves Miami, partnering with us to show Miami the love of God.

John 13:35 says, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

Although going to church is important that is not how the world will know that you are Jesus’ disciples, it is in the way that you love one another. Pray that in 2020 we can continue to love and care for the forgotten in our city. Let’s pray that God can continue to use us to impact the community.

Join us in showing Miami the love of God. To sign up for our next outreach on February 29th text “outreach” to (786) 541-1020.


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