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Day 16: Financial Blessing

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

We are believing today that God is going to bless you financially. We know that God wants to bless you, but you need to make yourself bless able.

Maybe there are things that you are holding onto that you need to let go of today, to receive God’s blessing. It can be a sin, an addiction, an idol that you’re placing above God. Pray right now and ask God what is keeping His blessing away.

Maybe you aren’t receiving God’s blessing because you aren’t sowing into ministry. God gave us 100% of our income and to say thank you, we give 10% to continue His work. Let’s sow into our ministry to continue reaching people in Miami for Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 says “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

We are believing today that God will supply all of your needs. Let go of whatever you are holding onto right now that is keeping God’s blessing away. Put your faith in Him and open your heart to receive the blessings.

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Praying for all of us who are struggling financially and have been for a while. For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck and one more disaster could potentially break us. God is more than capable of meeting all of our needs and beyond. The winter may seem long but I know the harvest is coming. Praying to be great stewards of the finances that he has blessed us with so that we may be responsible for more. So that we in turn are able to bless others.

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